We offer exclusive corporate workshops for women within organisations.  Our workshops focus on corporate style essentials; creating a work-wardrobe, showcasing personal style, dressing for your shape and what your style says about you & your professional image.

Our workshops are hosted by a corporate partner and can either form part of a corporate programme focused on women such as leadership development programmes, diversity and inclusion events, graduate programmes etc.  Equally, the workshop would work as a one-off event.

Our workshops are perfect for females within the corporate setting or their clients.


This interactive, relaxed workshop will explain the importance of personal branding and the working wardrobe.  With guidelines on the staple items for a capsule wardrobe, we will focus on creating a look that feels right for each individual and their workspace.

Participants will learn how to use colours as a tool to project the appropriate image and style - to be approachable, to show authority or credibility, etc.

How to select and co-ordinate a wardrobe to achieve just the right visual impact for different corporate occasions and events.

Learn about the 'rules' of dressing on point - the business attire dos & don'ts.

Our Experts: 

Jill White - Founder Distinctively Me

Jill White is the founder of Distinctively Me.  Having worked in the corporate world for many years, Jill was looking for the perfect pair of trousers when the idea for Distinctively Me presented itself. Distinctively Me is all about finding the perfect fit.  Launched in 2016, Jill and her business partner (experienced tailor John Ward) create beautifully fitted tailored clothes which work well in a business environment.  The aim is to bust the myth that tailored clothes are unavailable or unaffordable.  Part of the Made In Britain cohort, all our clothes made in Britain and most of our fabrics sourced from the UK. 


We work with stylists who have experience in the corporate world who can provide tips and hints on the styles and colours to fit each of you as individuals.

For more information please contact Jill White at or call on 07375 942409.

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