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5 reason why women don't consider made to measure style

Why is it that women, often disappointed with the fit of their clothes and frustrated with the quality, don't naturally think of having clothes made specifically for them?  Men on the other hand are much more accustomed to opting for made to measure pieces.  In fact, when we Googled 'Made to Measure', we got links to "Men's Suits: The Difference Between Off-The-Peg, Custom-Made and Bespoke", but not one reference to women.

As a business offering made to measure pieces for women, we've been considering the reasons why this is the case.

Once in a lifetime

For many women they see their wedding day as the only chance to go for a custom made item.  The wedding dress is where made to measure starts and ends for women.  It's seen as an unobtainable luxury, something only celebrities do.  Men don't think twice to go off the peg in the style stakes, you only have to ask Google or any City banker with a bonus!

Price Point Perception

Many women will view having clothes made to measure a stretch when it comes to cost.  But that's simply not true.  As Tinker Tailor Online said in her recent post about her Distinctively Me Cigarette pants.

"The price of a pair of trousers like this is about the same as buying from a high-end high street store such as Reiss, or the same as buying several cheap pairs that don't fit you properly."

Enough said!

But I just don't have the time!

Another reason women don't naturally think about getting clothes made to fit is the issue of time.  In other words, how long it takes to get things made versus buying them off the peg.  We get that.  There's no way we'd want to wait two months for a pair of trousers either.  Well, we've managed to speed up time (yes really!) by developing a way of working that brings together elements of made-to-measure with bespoke.

Made to measure / Bespoke

We believe having Distinctively Me 'house' styles and sample sizes, whilst allowing you to choose your material and finishes, brings the made-to-measure element to our clothes, and makes the timelines to two weeks for trousers and skirts, and four weeks for jackets.

No tape measure? 

Some companies send you a video and ask you to measure yourself.  Where to start?!  Thankfully John, our highly-experienced tailor, does your measurements and fittings. This personal experience brings the elements of a bespoke service, without the cost.

And now for the big one...

 "I won't treat myself until I lose those extra few pounds".

Let's face it, all women have these thoughts.  But the reality is having a great fitting clothes will give you a more slimline silhouette, knocking those pounds off you!

 "Everyone comments on my trousers, thinking I've lost weight - nope, my Distinctively Me trousers just highlight the best of my shape."

(Distinctively Me client, Jacqueline from Hertfordshire)

And don't worry, if you do lose or gain weight once you've had your clothes made with us, we will offer a free alteration within the first 12 months.

So, what you do think?  We'd love to get your views on why more women don't go for the made to measure option for their clothes...

If you'd like more information about booking a fitting with us, please do get in touch, we'd love to chat through the process with you.

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