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5 Simple Steps to Stunning Style

5 Simple Steps to Stunning Style

1.    The Look.

The key to looking fabulous is feeling fabulous.  You need to wear clothes that will make you feel great.  It's less about following fashion and more about finding style.  For both the office and off duty you need to find a look you can wear that's comfortable and lets your personality shine through.  Don't opt for clothes that 'wear you'.  You need to wear them, and wear them well.   Be honest with yourself.  Do you find yourself favouring on-trend pieces or are you moving towards the classics like pencil skirts, cigarette trousers and pumps?  Do you love tailored pieces for work but have a more relaxed style for the weekend? 

2.    The Edit.

Try doing a wardrobe edit, identifying the clothes you wear most often and the clothes that make you happy when you wear them.  And get rid of the clothes that aren't comfortable (and the clothes that stress you out!).  If you have a dress that you've not worn in the last 12 months, the chances are you won't ever wear it.  Try to break sentimental ties with clothes.  Just because you've had them forever doesn't mean to you need to hold onto them!  Be ruthless.  Work out what suits you and stick to the formula.  Just look at Victoria Beckham, Michelle Obama and Holly Willoughby.  They have a look which works and they stick to it. 

3.    The Fit.

It might sound obvious but it's not.  Hands up who has a pair of trousers that they love, but are two sizes too small and you can't ditch them (because one day they'll fit you again)?  The chance are they won't!  If you want a hardworking wardrobe filled with flattering pieces they need to fit you properly.  Flatter your figure by getting the proportions right.  Not always easy.  Most of us buy off the peg and yet our bodies are custom made!  We all have different waist to hip or waist to bust ratio, leg length, arm length, or any other combination you can think of. Why not have the key items made for your shape?  A perfectly tailored jacket or pair of trousers.  The perfect fit, tailored to your body shape, will play up your strengths and make you feel great.

4.    The Colours.

Black is often seen as the easiest option.  It's slimming, it works for every occasion and it's timeless.  We totally understand that which is why a tailored made black blazer is a sound investment.  That said, colour can add personality to your look and it can really light you up.  Something as subtle as swopping black to navy can make the world of difference if it's kinder to your skin tone.  The key to unlocking colour is finding the right colours for you.  Once you have those shades sorted you can be braver with your pieces.  The shades that suit you depend on your skin tone, your hair colour and your eye colour. 

5.   The Accessories

Once you've created a timeless wardrobe with a 'wear me everywhere' attitude you will want to switch up looks and play up trends.  That's where accessories come in.  Invest in a great handbag, have fun with costume jewellery, work on your capsule footwear collection.  This is the fun part, accessorizing a capsule wardrobe will keep the classics current and the timeless on-trend.

Do get in touch if you'd like to chat with us about your capsule wardrobe collection or if you'd like to book a free consultation.


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