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5 Top Tips To Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

Right now we could all do with injecting some positivity into our lives and some cheer into our wardrobes.  Because the way we dress, and more importantly, the colours we choose to wear, can greatly affect our mood and the way other people to respond to us. 

So if you’ve got a diary full of Skype and Zoom calls on the horizon in the coming weeks and month, wear more colour to create a lasting impact. 

Ditch the standard colours

Black, grey and blue are more often than not the go to colours for women when it comes to workwear.   Not very interesting and for most people, not very flattering.  It may surprise you to know that most women do not wear black well.  It can be draining and in a work environment, where you want to be memorable and engaging, it can make you seem invisible.  And in the current climate, when you might be more reliant on online conference calls, you want to jump out of the screen (in a good way) not blend into the background.  If you want to wear more colour but you're having trouble picking out the shades for you, here are our 5 top tips to add colour to your wardrobe.

1.     Spend some time working out which colours are going to work for you?

Lots of us wear colours that are in ‘fashion’.  Right now it’s Spring in the UK and pastels are everywhere.  Great if blush pink and cornflower blue suit you -  not so great if they don’t.  So don’t follow the trends.  Wear a colour that’s more suited to your skin tone even if that is a deep pink or a cobalt blue.  Just because a colour is ‘trendy’ doesn’t mean that it’s right for you.

Consider a colour consultation with a fashion stylist who will be able to tell you the colours and tones that work for you.  However, if this isn’t for you, head to your wardrobe and find the colours you love to wear.  Ask friends what they think.  Often their opinions are more objective and worth trusting.  It might seem obvious but look at your eye, hair and skin colour.  Pull these colours out and think of them as a background. 

Work out whether they are: 

  • blue based (cool) or yellow based (warm) 
  • vibrant or muted



Once you understand this then you can wear every colour so long as you stick to these principles. 

Colour Tones to suit your skin.  Let's take a look at Red

For instance, let’s look at red. So many people think they can’t wear red, but there is a red to suit everyone!

  • If you look good in warm, vibrant colours then choose Red Coral
  • If you look good in warm, muted colours then choose Brick Red
  • If you look good in cool, vibrant colours then choose Cherry Red
  • If you look good in cool, vibrant colours then choose Raspberry Red


Red is a powerful colour associated with speed and excitement.  It’s a colour that provokes strong emotions.  It’s a great choice to wear to negotiations, meetings and sales pitches. 

2.     Understand your base/neutral colours

This will tend to be Black, Navy or Brown during the Autumn Winter season; Cream, Beige, Grey or White in Spring Summer. 

At least half of your wardrobe will be these colours (trousers, jeans, jackets and coats etc) so it’s important to get them right.  Also these will form the base upon which to build richer, more daring colours around.

  • If you look good in warm, vibrant colours then choose colours like Warm Navy, Oatmeal, Pebble Grey
  • If you look good in warm, muted colours then choose colours like Brown, Soft Caramel, Flint
  • If you look good in cool, vibrant colours then choose colours like Black, Silver, White 
  • If you look good in cool, vibrant colours then choose French Navy, Mushroom, Dove Grey

3.     Choose your colours

If you’ve never worn vibrant colours before I’d suggest you start small and then build up.

Choose one or two colours that really make you smile.  I would suggest that you stick with jewel or nature based colours such as red, blues and greens as these clothes are timeless and will last season after season. Pinks, greens and violets are also great colours to play with.

Then choose to buy one piece in each colour – pieces that you can mix and match with your classic pieces in the base colours.  That might be a hot pink blouse, a forest green scarf, a burgundy skirt.  Wear them with your base colours and pieces to inject some colour into your classic styles. 

4.     Head to Toe in Colour

Once you have built up the confidence to wear a pop of colour, why not give head to toe colour a go? One person who does this brilliantly is Trinny.  Recently she wore a full outfit in yellow and looked incredible!  She’s also great at playing with different tones of the same colour to create a strong look. Another woman who does is brilliantly and is very different to Trinny is the Queen. She always looks stylish and elegant and truly stands out from the crowd.

Pick three colours from your spectrum and colour-block them. You will be amazed at the impact you can create when you wear colour.



Blue is the colour of truth and wisdom.  It has a calming effect and is linked to intellect.  It’s also a stable colour and one people are happy to look at.  So it’s a great choice for the office, fabulous if you run a team (it counteracts tension) and thankfully there is a shade that everyone can wear.  It’s just about finding the right tone for you.

5.     Build the perfect collection

Build a capsule collection that you will wear throughout the seasons and for years to come in your neutrals.

  • Coats
  • Suits
  • Blazer
  • Tailored Trousers
  • Shoes

These will give you the perfect base to build from and will work with every other colour you buy.

Add colour to your capsule collection by buying the following pieces:

  • Skirts
  • Silk Blouse
  • Tops
  • Boucle / Tweed Jacket
  • Scarves

This is a great place to start to build the perfect colour-coordinated wardrobe.  Start now and if you add to it with considered pieces that you love you will create a collection that is totally interchangeable. 

There’s no greater pleasure when it comes to dressing than when you know that you can mix and match your clothes and wear every piece in your wardrobe together, with confidence.

At Distinctively Me, we understand how important it is to get the right colour for you. We stock a range of superfine wool colours (great base colours), over 20 colours of viscose, 66 colours of silk, a countless and ever changing range of boucles and tweeds, and our beautiful butter soft leather is available in a choice of over 70 shades. 

The key is to feel confident and positive in your clothes.  Finding the colours that give you this confidence and positivity is more important than following the trends.  So reach for pieces that will complement your workday and set you up for success.

Enjoy.  Jill.



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