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5 Work Wear Ideas To Get You Through The Week

As we kick-off a brand new decade, we think it's fair to say that what we wear to work has changed enormously over the last ten years. The standard uniform of grey, blue or black trouser suits has (thankfully) gone and the freedom we now have has made it much more fun to dress for work.

But figuring out a different outfit for every day of the working week can be challenging and there's now a greater risk of it all going horribly wrong.  Plus, who has the time to rifle through their wardrobes every morning finding a new outfit for every workwear occasion?

Our aim when it comes to workwear fashion and style is to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible, whilst upping things in the style stakes.

So here are 5 work wear ideas to try out, whether you work in a corporate office, a relaxed office environment or from home.

1. Outfits for the days we need to Impress

You might be presenting to the Board, speaking on a discussion panel or meeting a potential investor.  There are certain days when you need your clothes to say "I've got this", those days when you need to concentrate on what you are saying, rather than fiddling with your clothes.

A suit will always make a statement but only if it fits brilliantly.  What's great about our made to measure service is that you can choose a suit that fits your body shape, your style and your personality. Here are some suggestions:

  • A shawl neck blazer with cigarette trouser - simple, understated and stunning.
  • A long line blazer with flare trouser - a kick-flare trouser is such a strong look especially when balanced with a longer jacket.
  • A boucle jacket and pencil skirt - a Chanel-inspired jacket with a skirt in the same fabric or why not mix it up with a leather pencil skirt for a modern take on this classic combination.
  • A classic blazer with dress - a simple style but timeless and elegant. Opt for a leather lapel or a panel dress in a mix of colours.

Just make sure the suit fits you perfectly and is in a colour that makes you shine.

2. Everyday Office Wear 

For those days when you're in the office with nothing planned but there's always the chance that you get pulled into a client meeting or have to present to the CEO.

A dress is the perfect choice for days like these. It can be dressed up or down with a few key accessories.  Wear it with a comfortable ballet flat or penny loafer and a cashmere cardigan at your desk and then grab your go-to smarter shoes, throw on a belt or piece of jewellery for when you're heading into that unexpected meeting.

When it comes to wearing a dress, you need to choose one that suits your body shape:

  • Sheath dress - the perfect shape if you have curves
  • Waisted dress with pencil skirt - for those with a straighter body shape, this look will create a waist for the perfect silhouette
  • Waisted dress with flared skirt - a modern style that is great for everyone and looks fabulous if you're looking to balance a more curvaceous bottom half

3. Create a lasting First Impression

Colour, colour, colour!  It's amazing what your stand out colour can do when it comes to leaving a lasting impression.  So why opt for the safety of black when you can flirt with colour?

"I wore my Distinctively Me violet skirt suit at a presentation I gave about a year and a half ago.  Twelve months later I met a lady at another event. She said "I remember you, you're Jill, you were speaking at event in that violet suit, it stuck in my mind as it really suits you!".  So play with colour, it can really leave a strong and positive impression."

            Jill White, Distinctively Me Founder

Think about the colours you wear that make you happy and remember the colours that people comment on when you wear them.  Everyone can wear every colour, you just need to choose the right shade for you.

Colours can be split by:

  • Blue based (cool) or yellow based (warm)
  • Vivid or muted
  • Brights or neutrals

Once you know your colours wear them with style and a smile.  You're sure to make an impression!

4. Dress Down with Flair

Dress down days in the office can be hard to pull off.  But if you dress down in style you can actually stand out from the crowd.  On those dress down Fridays, add one 'wow' piece to something a little more casual to make a strong 'unstated' statement.  We love tailored trousers with a T-shirt, a silk blouse with jeans, a pencil skirt with trainers and sweatshirt.  Check out our Pinterest boards for more ways we love to see more tailored pieces dress down for a more relaxed style.

5. Entrepreneur style

Whether your business is a year old or 10 years old, you need flexibility in what you wear.  During one day you can go from a client pitch to cleaning the office!  

A jacket will elevate any outfit. Whether it's over jeans and a tee, or teamed with a smart pair of trousers, a jacket elevates your outfit from casual to smart in a moment.

But for a jacket to pull an outfit together it needs to be well tailored and fit to perfection.  Play with your jacket styles and find one that works for you and your business.  It might be biker or longline, fine wool or tweed.  A made to measure jacket will do what you need it to do, and we just know that cost per wear, it's money well spent.

At Distinctively Me, we understand how important it is to wear clothes that take away the stress of looking good so that you can concentrate on being great at the job you do.  We make sure you have pieces that work hard for you, that are super comfortable to wear throughout the day and that are stylish enough for any workwear occasion.

Why not book a free consultation and let us help you find the right work wear to suit your style.





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