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7 reasons why made to measure is a good idea

When people hear 'made to measure' they immediately think either menswear or expensive.  But made to measure clothes are not as unattainable as you may think.

The tailored look hasn't been this fashionable since the 1990's.  Suits have been a constant catwalk trend, blazers are a must-have and the rise of more considered purchases means that made to measure is no longer an old fashioned idea.  Quality over quantity sits well with modern instincts when it comes to buying clothes.

Made to measure womenswear.  Why it's worth the investment.

1   You get the perfect fit

Our brand was built on the fact that the perfect fit eluded us for so long.  We had a wardrobe full of trousers but none gave us the perfect fit.  "We find many of our clients visit us because they are disillusioned with what the high street has to offer in terms of fit.  They can spend hours shopping but come home empty handed as nothing offers them the perfect fit" says Jill White, Distinctively Me Founder.

Just as our bodies are unique so too should our clothes be.  Those little refinements make all the difference to our confidence and how we feel.  Having a pair of trousers that fit your waist and hips, a skirt that doesn't twist around your body as you walk, a dress that fits your top and bottom half, and a jacket that doesn't pull across your chest isn't too much to ask, is it? 

2   Quality materials are used

When it comes to fast fashion, quality isn't a priority.   But with made to measure it's about creating a piece that feels right.  From boucle to silk, cotton to fine wool, our fabrics are mainly from you UK or Italy and the quality of the materials we work with is one of the things that marks our pieces out.  

Whether it's a go-to Cigarette-pant you can pop in the washing machine, or a Chanel-inspired tweed that will stand the test of time, quality fabrics will always look and feel great, whatever the occasion.

3   You can play up your personal style

It's time to move away from the masculine connotations of made to measure; boxy cuts in grey, black and navy.   The joy of female made to measure pieces is that they can be feminine and stylish.   Made to measure means you can personalise your pieces, adding metallic finishes, colour pops when it comes to lining or fringing to tweed jackets and skirts.  One black blazer can be worked in so many ways.  Leather lapels, beaded embellishments and bold buttons, with made to measure you can create a piece that really does suit your personal style.

4   You wear your clothes more often

We've all been there.  Bought that dress on Tuesday lunchtime for a Thursday evening event.  Then never worn it again.  Impulse buys are not always the best buys.

The same can be said for those bargain buys too.  'You get what you pay for' is perfectly fitting (if you pardon the pun!) because not all clothes are made to last.  The skirt that isn't lined and clings to your legs in an unflattering way.  The trousers that aren't holding their shape after just one season.

If you're spending a fair amount of money on something, you'll want something that looks good, feels great and is built to last.  And that's the beauty of investing in made to measure.  The truth is a made to measure pair of trousers starts at £175.  Not that more than a high-end high street brand (think LK Bennett, Reiss and Whistles).  But because you'll wear them again and again, the cost per wear is actually very low.  We call it fashion maths and the stats really do add up.

Creating a capsule collection of strong, stylish pieces that become the staples you build your wardrobe around means you'll wear your made to measure pieces more often because you'll love how they make you look and feel.

5   It saves time

Hitting the high street can be hard.  We all know that feeling of not finding anything to wear or feeling that we simply must buy something (anything!) only to go back the next week to return it. It's the same online, how much do you do end up returning because of fit issues or the quality isn't what you expected. At times it's stressful and, we think it's fair to say, less than enjoyable.

The made to measure experience feels luxurious.  Not just because our pieces are made from quality fabrics, but the process of made to measure is a real treat.  Clients come for two fittings, on average, and each session, at our Hampstead studio, is unrushed and has the personal touch.

You're going to get something that not only suits your body shape but that fits you perfectly.  There's no frustration that you can't find your size or that you have to compromise on colour.   Because you'll get exactly what you want, in your size, your choice of fabric and colour, and in a style to suit your body shape.

And once you have your made to measure pieces you'll save time when working out what to wear.  Your pieces will become the hardest working items in your wardrobe. 

More often than not, our clients need to look smart from 7am until the evening.  They need clothes that not only look great, but that are functional and feel fabulous.   Made to measure delivers just what they need.

You're doing your bit to slow fast fashion down

Women get to a certain stage of life, or consciousness, where the relentlessness of throwaway mainstream fashion doesn't feel right.  Yes you can still love trends and buy into made to measure but it's about finding a look that will flatter your shape, not just push this seasons must have styles. 

It's about finding a way of dressing that works for you, year in year out, and then adding contemporary touches, maybe from the high street, along the way. 

7 Made to measure gives you confidence

It's no secret that women can be insecure about their body shapes.  And is it any wonder? You think you've made into size 10 territory, only to find that you're a size 14 in another label.  

But we'll let you into a secret.  Looking, and feeling, great isn't about losing weight.  The right clothes, in the right fit, can work with your silhouette to flatter to your figure.  And make you feel fabulous.

"We have an understanding of women's body shapes.  We know that women want something different to men when it comes to made to measure.  We design with women in mind and we know how they want to feel.  We want clothes that play up our best bits, play down the bits we're not so keen on, and give us the confidence to be our best selves", says Jill.



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