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Are Made to Measure Clothes affordable?

The perfect pair of tailored cigarette trousers made to your exact measurements.  A blazer that's so comfortable you'll want to wear it AM to PM.

Made to measure clothes were once the preserve of male CEOs or female fashionistas.  Big on style and just as big on the purse.

However, personalised style is becoming increasingly affordable and women are now enjoying the process of having pieces made just for them.

Made to Measure versus Off The Peg

Slow Fashion Movement


Women who are looking for style rather than the latest trends are turning their backs on Fast Fashion and are embracing the ‘Buy Less, Buy Well’ philosophy.  A philosophy we are a firm believer in.  For style staples we embrace quality over quantity.  Why have 6 pairs of ‘okay’ trousers when you can have a couple of pairs of perfectly fitting trousers that you can wear anywhere knowing you look great in them?  Not only will this transform those ‘I’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear’ moments but it’s also better for the planet.


And if you’ve not watched Stacey Dooley Investigates Fashion’s Dirty Secret you really should.

Why 'make do' when you have another option? 

We recently conducted a survey on women’s buying habits when it came to style, fashion and fit.  Shockingly only 7% of women can find trousers which truly fit.  Lots of women make do, but for 30% of women, they have given up on buying trousers altogether!  It can be so frustrating dealing with the range and fit of clothes available on the high street.  But honestly, the pleasure of made to measure couldn’t be more different.  Just knowing that your trousers can take you from a day in the office to dinner and drinks in the evening is fabulous.  And knowing that those key pieces truly look fabulous on you will give you so much confidence.  Our clients tell us how their made to measure pieces become the hardest working pieces in their wardrobes.

Simple Fashion Maths – Cost Per Wear (CPW)

Are you familiar with CPW?  Take the price of an item, divide it by how many times you’ll wear it and you get your cost per wear.  What might be a bargain shirt at £40 isn’t a bargain if you only wear it once or twice a year.  A £200 pair of trousers you wear once a week is a way to invest wisely and get your money’s worth.

If you’re looking to build a capsule collection of pieces which will give you longevity, made to measure is a fabulous option.  Finding a brand, like Distinctively Me, that will give you great quality pieces, priced fairly, that fit you perfectly could be the winning formula for you.

How does the cost stack up?

Distinctively Me Trousers start at £175. Off the Peg tailored trousers of comparable quality from high street retailers range from £120 - £185.

Distinctively Me Pencil Skirts start at £160 which is comparable with High End Mainstream retailers.

Distinctively Me Blazers start at £395 and will fit perfectly, and be unique. A blazer off the peg will probably need alterations and will be what someone else has designed rather than what you would choose. 

Distinctively Me Boucle jackets come in a vast array of colours and patterns which change every 3-6 months. The line of the jacket is matched to compliment your body shape and all of this for prices starting at £495 

We believe timeless styles, the perfect fit, and a friendly personalised service is a great alternative to your off the peg shopping experience.


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