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At last.  Stylish, flattering clothes that are comfortable.

At last.  Stylish, flattering clothes that are comfortable.

A bold statement I know but hear me out.  I want to start with leggings.  The chosen uniform for many women.  I'm talking about leggings when they're seen as a trouser replacement, not leggings because you're going to the gym or doing the housework.

Leggings have increasingly become a comfy cocoon for so many women.  But why?  As much as they may be comfortable, they're also pretty unflattering.

I believe it's our lack of choice when it comes to great fitting clothing that has made leggings the go-to option for so many.

Try buying a comfortable pair of flattering black trousers when you've got a tiny waist and a rounder bottom?  Or what if you're not quite a 12 or a 14 but a none-standard 13?  What do you do then? 

Granted, not every woman jumps straight into the nearest pair of leggings but what many women do is 'make do'.   For many women, it means having to buy the size that fits the largest part of the body - leg length, waist, bust or bottom size.  The overall look is an item that swamps our smaller parts, therefore making us look bigger and less shapely.  The overall feel isn't great either.  I want women to feel confident, empowered and wonderful in the clothes they wear. 

It was my personal search for the holy grail of trousers - style, fit and comfort - that led me to launch Distinctively Me.  Now I work with women, just like me, who for one reason or another wanted to get out of leggings and yoga pants and into a perfectly fitted trouser.

Off the peg can be off the mark

So, back to my pet peeve, leggings!  Off the peg clothes are made to manufacturers sizing, sizing that's standardized and won't fit all body types.  So when we struggle to find a good fit we opt for something easy, like leggings.  They don't dig or gape. They're comfortable and they stretch to fit.  As we get older we tend to get less tolerant of clothing that doesn't feel good, which is a good thing, no one should feel uncomfortable in what they wear.

But 'comfortable' clothes and 'flattering' clothes don't need to be mutually exclusive.  Believe it or not, you can have comfortable clothes that flatter AND are stylish.  The range of pieces we have in our collection works around clothes that you can wear anywhere.  The perfect pair of cigarette trousers that you can wear to the office, the school playground or for a date night dinner.   The jacket that will take you effortlessly from desk to dinner.

 "To get tailored clothes, in fabrics of your choice and a truly individual service feels like a massive indulgence but at high street costs. I love it!! Even if you can only invest in a pair of fabulous trousers, do it!! They will be the best thing you ever bought and make you realise it is best to have 1 or 2 fabulous items than throwaway fashion." 

To find out more about the Distinctively Me range and how we work, please do get in touch.  Book a free consultation at our Hamsptead Studio or arrange a call, I'd love to help you find clothes that are comfortable, flattering and stylish.  Let me help you feel wonderful.


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