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Collaborating with other women in business – meet Antonia aka TinkerTailorOnline

The Spring Summer season has been an exciting time for Distinctively Me.  After our initial 'soft launch' we're now throwing ourselves into marketing and PR to tell our story.  (So, if you're on Instagram pop over and say Hi and give us a follow on Facebook too!).

One thing we're totally passionate about is collaboration.  We love building relationships with other women in business, women doing their own thing and sharing their stories. 

Most recently we've been working with Antonia aka TinkerTailorOnline.  Antonia's blog is exciting, inspirational and honest so we recently hooked up to talk date night fashion and give her some Distinctively Me style for her latest blog post.   Over to you Antonia...


It's fair to say that my date night style has thankfully evolved since my single days (I generally wear more clothes for a start) but I still want a killer outfit that makes me feel like a million dollars.

I had some cigarette pants tailor made by Distinctively Me recently and they are fast becoming my go-to trousers for absolutely every occasion. I wore them for the first time on a night out with the Mr and I felt so good because cigarette pants are just so darn sexy - it's that cheeky ankle flashing length you see.

Getting something tailor made was a completely new experience for me, it's not a service that is traditionally sold to women, so when the PR contacted me about it I wasn't sure. My husband, who has had clothes tailor made in the past convinced me to go for it and I'm really glad I did because it's a great experience and I am so pleased with the results!

I gave up buying 'smart' trousers a few years ago because getting the right fit and the right length can be an arduous task. I am 5ft 1in and a UK size 12 and I have 3 cesarean sections under my belt. Generally speaking, most trousers need an alteration regardless of how much I spend on them or where I buy them.

The price of a pair of trousers like this is about the same as buying from a high-end high street store such as Reiss  or  the same as buying several cheap pairs that don't fit you properly.

Yes getting something tailor made is a bigger up-front investment in terms of time and money but I promise it's worth it because you will get a completely bespoke garment that fits perfectly and will go the distance. If you are into slow fashion, sustainability and buying into British brands then you really should consider using a service such as Distinctively Me.

Read the full length blog post over at TinkerTailorOnline.  And please share with us your date night style, we love hearing from you!

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