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Distinctively Me and Why We Care So Much About The Size Issue

We all know that when it comes to women's clothing, sizes are bizarre and inconsistent.  Even if we can find the perfect fit in one shop, the chances are another style in the same shop will fit differently and it will definitely be different in another shop. 

Why does the actual number size we are have such an impact on our body image?  And why do we always feel that the clothes clearly are not made for us if they fit so badly.  We're left feeling that it must be our bodies that are the problem!

Since the launch of Distinctively Me as a made to measure business we have been amazed at how many women have hated shopping for clothes and more often than not hated their bodies because of the experiences they were having.  Every woman we have met has a perfectly unique size and shape, and we are passionate that for all of that uniqueness we will have a style and the perfect fit which will make you see your body in a different light.

So we thought it would be helpful to explain our Size Me concept and why it really resonates with our customers.

So what are the principles behind Size Me? 

For each style in our collection we make samples for you to try on.  Each of theses sizes have a woman's name, so you might be an Amelia, a Sophie or a Rebecca - no numbers right from the start!  Irrespective of what size you currently wear, whether it's a 4 or a 32, or anything in between we can make something to fit you perfectly.

Once we know what style you like and the fabric you love, we make your piece of clothing in the perfect fit, and the label will show "Size Me". No number, no judgement, just Size Me.

Do you take measurements?

We do. Once you are in the sample that fits you best, John, our fabulous tailor, pins the sample size to your shape, and takes a few quick measurements to ensure that your chosen pieces will fit you like a glove.

While John is doing this, you can be discussing the finishing you prefer, the linings you love or the buttons that make you smile.  Founder Jill is always in the studio with you, helping you get the style, the look and the finishing touches that will make your piece unique to you.   

"I'm passionate about designing and making clothes which help women of any size, shape and age look and feel fabulous.  Two years into my business and this founding principle is stronger now than it's ever been, especially when I see the smile on a customers face when they have their perfectly fitting clothes"

Our "Size Me" labelling has truly resonated with our customers and the stylists and bloggers we work with.  Why should any woman feel bad about the shape of their bodies?  We are all perfectly unique and so should our clothes be.  Our clothes have three main elements; quality, style and the perfect fit - all working together to make women feel fabulous. 

If you're interested in finding your own Size Me, why not pop into the studio for a free consultation?  It'll give you the chance to view the Distinctively Me range, meet Jill and John and discover our endless range of fabrics and finishes, so that whatever choice you make is completely unique to you.

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