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Fashion Wellness | How clothes make you feel


Hanging in your wardrobe are not just your favourite and most loved fashion finds but also, squeezed in there somewhere is the secret to looking and feeling great.

Fashion Wellness is a thing. 

We all have that shirt we associate with a miserable day, be it a disastrous date or an interview that could've gone a whole lot better.  But at the same time, we have that go-to dress that makes us feel fabulous and gives us a dose of super charged confidence the moment we slip it on.

Just like a good hair day, a 'good wear day' can give us a 'can do' attitude that makes us want to take on the world.  The power suit that fits just perfectly can give you a super-power confidence so that you can not only tackle your day but you can tackle it with style.

So why not unleash the power of your wardrobe this year?  Here Distinctively Me Founder Jill White shares her confidence dressing secrets.

  • The key to 'confidence dressing' is to know what looks good on you and to wear clothes that fit perfectly. Wear what makes you feel good. For me that's a beautiful pair of tailored trousers that fit me perfectly or a silhouette skimming pencil skirt at just the right length.
  • I'm petite so my shape isn't suited to off the peg pieces; certainly not when it comes to key items. Years ago, I would wear jackets that swamped me and trousers always needed altering. Yes, they'd fit but the proportions would be all wrong. Not great when you're heading into a finance meeting and you feel that your clothes are wearing you. You want to wear your clothes and feel naturally comfortable in them. For me, a key point is getting the fit just right. Now I wear clothes that are made to fit me and that gives me masses of confidence.
  • It's amazing how many people will comment on the fit of my clothing before they comment on the colour or fabric. You may be wearing the most beautiful, butter-soft leather skirt but if it's riding up your legs or swivelling around your hips as you walk into a meeting, the impact has gone.
  • Simple style wins hands down. I believe that classic pieces can be so elegant, giving you confidence in any situation. More often than not women need to head straight from the office to a client dinner or drinks reception with no time to change. If you want to have a winning look, whatever the occasion, my tip would be to keep it simple. A beautiful pair of wool trousers, a boucle jacket or a stunning navy trouser suit that drapes beautifully. You want pieces that will take you from am to pm effortlessly.
  • Dress for your shape and don't let others shape your style. A wide legged trouser might look amazing on my Amazonian friend but at 5' 2" they look ghastly on me! Dress for your shape and don't worry about trends or what others think.

So don't feel guilty about investing in great key pieces.  That new pair of perfectly tailored trousers could be the key to unleashing the best version of you!

If you struggle to find clothes to fit or if you'd like to find out more about the Distinctively Me range of made to measure pieces, please get in touch.  Let us help you with your fashion wellness this season.



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