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How Do I Design Our Range?

When people ask if I am a designer, I always hesitate. In my head, "real" designers have trained at top fashion colleges for years, and I certainly have not done that. Then I look at someone like Victoria Beckham and think, well nor has she, so can I say I am?

I have always loved clothes and have a knack of pulling together an outfit in a way that others appreciate. I have been asked to advise people on their outfits throughout my life. My main motivation however, comes from having worn clothes that look fantastic on the hanger, but are either not easy to get on, or are not comfortable when they are on.

I have designed our range to contain items that have been in my wardrobe for years, and look as stylish now as they did when I first bought them - unlike the fashion items which I tend to clear out every year.

My number one wardrobe staple was always a pair of black trousers. You can't go wrong here, whether it's at work, lunch with the girls or a date night. You can dress them up or down very easily. The problem was I probably had six pairs of them in the wardrobe, but kept buying more. Why? Well, the reason was that none of them fit me! Because my waist is smaller in comparison to my hips, they would always gape, and make me feel bigger than I was.

All of our trousers and skirts are designed for timeless elegance, but most importantly they are easy to get on and feel fantastic when they are.

Our first design principle is that all our trousers and skirts have a side zip. I don't want the bulk of zips and buttons across my tummy, and I don't want to do the twisty thing with pencil skirts that I have to do when the zip is at the back.

We have also developed a waistband, which allows us to have that special lunch or dinner and not have the feeling or not being to wait to get home to undo the zip on our trousers!

With the pencil skirt, my main design criterion was for it to be super feminine but not have me walk like a penguin! What I love about wearing mine is that I can still run for the bus and get in and out of cars, whilst I have the beautifully feminine look that a pencil skirt delivers.

With the jackets, it is fair to say that I have always hankered after a Chanel jacket, but the price was beyond my budget. So to have a French jacket in the range was a must. Our jackets are slightly longer than the archetypal Chanel jacket, as I believe it is more flattering and elegant on most body shapes.

Most of our samples are in boucle, as the fabric really works with this style. The leather edging offered, gives our jacket a point of difference, but we also offer braid or a contrasting boucle if you prefer the more classic look.

The blazer is included in every capsule wardrobe list I've ever seen. A good blazer can work with pretty much any outfit, and transitions easily from day to night. Simply popping a blazer over jeans and a tee can make an outfit look much more polished. Teamed with a tailored trouser or pencil skirt it is the ultimate in style.

Our blazers are single breasted with a single button, which is far more flattering to the female form. We have a shorter jacket, which you can see on our website and is great for everyday wear on its own, or as part of a suit. 

We are currently developing a longer line version, which is more of a dress up option and is based on the tuxedo jacket. Our first sample will be ready very soon and has a leather lapel. We will also offer this style with a satin lapel. It looks amazing and I can't wait to update the website and other social media pages with the photos.

So, as I said at the beginning, I design for timeless elegance which combined with comfort and the perfect fit, I believe gives us a real point of difference.

If you interested in meeting us, we are holding an event at Ben Lawrence Tailors, 68a Cheshire Street, London E2 6EH on Tuesday 6th June from 6-9pm. Spaces are limited so if you would like to come and see our range and get a free consultation, please contact us at

I hope to see you soon.


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