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Style Q & A with Tinker Tailor Online

If you've not checked out Tinker Tailor Online you must!  Antonia blogs about celebrating life, everyday luxury and attainable style.  It's a place where Antonia showcases the things she loves; beauty, interiors and fashion.  And it's the fashion posts we love the most.  So we were delighted when Antonia agreed to answer our style questions.

How would you describe your style?

Such a tough question! I love the classics, they always make me feel confident and 'put together' so to speak. You'll find plenty of Bretons, cashmere sweaters, blazers and jeans in my wardrobe but I also like to experiment with new styles and trend pieces. In the summer I go a bit Boho, I grew up in Menorca and that vibe just speaks to me when the days are long and warm!

Are you a 'black is best' kind of women or do you embrace colour?

I do embrace colour and I'll often opt for navy instead of black as it's much softer and versatile. Navy oozes style.

Trousers, cigarette pant, kick flare or straight leg?

Straight leg for daytime, cigarette pant for hot dates!

Skirts, above the knee, below the knee or on the knee?

Just below the knee is the most flattering on most women but if you wear thick opaque tights I think you can afford to go higher.

Name three items of clothing that are your must-haves?

Blazer, cashmere sweater,  jeans - am I allowed a bra too??

Which fashion bloggers and Instagrammers do you admire?  

I adore Amanda Start @onlinestylist for her monochromatic wardrobe and Instagram feed. It's not me, I'm simply not that disciplined but I love looking at it all.  I also love Erica Davies @erica_davies, she is brave and bold with her choices, a riot of colour and pattern. Again not me but it's so much fun!

How has your style changed over time?

I think I used to dress for other people (colleagues, the opposite sex, other mums...) but I think I'm better at dressing for myself and a lot more selective about the trends I'll actually follow.

Are you a Blazer or a French Jacket girl?

Blazer all the way!

What's your biggest frustration when buying clothes?

Sizing. It varies wildly from shop to shop.

What's your signature look?

For the past two seasons I have been a big fan of leather trousers. I have a couple of pairs but mine are faux. I actually prefer them as I can just throw them in the washing machine and I think they hold their shape better. I have worn them on repeat with blouses, sweaters and blazers. I love animal print shoes and accessories and I am a coat obsessive.

Have you ever had anything made for you?

Yes, a pair of cigarette pants from Distinctively Me!

Do you have an off-duty look?

Hush joggers, t-shirt and a biker jacket.

Any pieces in your wardrobe you've had for ever?

A black velvet blazer from Jigsaw and a Miu Miu clutch. They are ancient but I love them and they never let me down, they add instant glamour to any outfit.

What does your capsule wardrobe include?

Another tough question, the basics would have to be in there, blazer, jeans, Breton, a shirt etc. Oh and I love a good pair of chinos. I usually work on a capsule wardrobe when I am travelling and my basic formula is to choose clothes in colours that complement each other. Then I have a little fun with accessories. 

How do you organise your wardrobe?

I organise it at least twice a year. I colour coded mine in the summer and it was a revelation.

We're raising awareness of Fast Fashion and the implications of it on people and the environment, any top tips on how to slow fashion down?

Invest in clothes that you will wear for years. I'm repeating myself but spend good money on the classics that you will turn to time and time again. Also think twice before buying, ask yourself how many times you will wear it and be honest with yourself, does it really suit you? Why are you buying it and so on. I have a little rule and that is that if I am still thinking about the item of clothing the next day or a week later then it's probably worth buying.

Thanks so much Antonia!  And don't forget to check out Tinker Tailor Online and follow her on Instagram.  And pop over to say 'hi' to Distinctively Me too!


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