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Tailored to be Timeless - Why Tailored Pieces Are Making a Fashion Comeback

There’s just something about timeless fashion pieces.  The classic suit or a luxe silk shirt.  They stand the best of time, even in a world of never ending style updates.  

What we’re noticing as a made to measure brand specialising in classic pieces is that more and more 20-somethings are discovering the appeal of the classics too.  We’re seeing an increase in our younger clients who are opting to buy less and buy better.  Not just from a sustainable point of view but because they can see from their parents, their peers and their fashion icons that the classics really do never go out of style. 

And what we’re picking up from these young new professionals is that they not only want to start creating a strong capsule collection but they’re focusing on the quality and drape of the fabric, the cut of the cloth and the fit of the pieces.  They’re learning that fashion may be fickle but they don’t have to be. 

Our latest Distinctively Me customer is learning that some styles catch on and stay that way for a reason.  They just look so good.  And with made to measure, and colour and fabric options of their choice, they’re embracing timeless pieces.  But, with each new generation, something new comes along and what our clients are really embracing is the personalisation and customisation of their tailored pieces.  It may be a sharp leather lapel on their classic black blazer.  Or it may be a Chanel-style boucle jacket in a hot acid colour that is so them.  Made to measure allows them to recreate the classics to suit their style and personality. 

These are the top picks that our new generation customer is choosing to wear.  Now and forever.

Cigarette Trousers

Audrey Hepburn’s legacy lies in every cigarette trouser ever stitched and worn.  And while she may have worn them in the 1950s, they have stood the test of time and still look elegant and smart on any woman, especially when the fit perfectly. 

Power Suit

From linen to tweed, solids to prints, and pastels to bolds, this fashion invention can take you from the office to a nightclub while looking your best. It’s a time capsule that makes you look eternal, but only when it’s paired with one specific accessory: Confidence! Nothing speaks power more than a lady wearing that combo, especially if it fits her perfectly. A made-to-measure power suit in your wardrobe is like superman’s cape: it takes you places others can only dream of.


Silk Shirt

There’s something about a silk shirt that has timeless appeal and can be worn by women of all ages.  Twenty-somethings are teaming their silk blouses with with jeans and flats or colour blocking with wide-legged trousers. And what’s drawing them to the Distinctively Me silk range is the choice of over 80 colours (in some seriously cool shades) and the fact that each piece is not only made to fit but made to their style spec – from sleeve length to neckline.  

The Boucle Jacket

Classic Chanel will always be on the style barometer and a boucle jacket never dates.  From boxy biker cuts to long line, a made to order boucle jacket is a winner because it’s far more afforable than it’s designer counterpart.  And again, the choice of boucles, from classic black and navy, through to brights and neutrals means you can create the perfect look to suit.

Millennials are choosing to invest in a wardrobe that's impervious to fashion and trends.  They’re instead opting to build a collection of timeless trends that will last forever. 

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