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The Bouclé Is Back!

Some designs are so classic, so timeless and so inherently stylish that they’ll never fall out of favour with the fashionable elite - and the bouclé jacket is one such wardrobe staple, a Coco Chanel masterpiece dreamed up way back in 1954… and the fact that it’s still going strong now, some 60-odd years later, is absolute testament to its sartorial staying power.

Interestingly enough, the jacket itself was actually inspired by menswear - and you can clearly see this in the tailoring, with the straight lines, pockets and trim.

As for the fabric, Chanel initially made excellent use of tweed for her pieces but she turned to buckled tweed for the bouclé, similar to the rough texture of tweed but with its own distinct look and feel, making the jacket even more unique.

The pieces were then lined with the finest of silks and a brass chain running along the seam to ensure that the fall of the jacket was nothing but perfection with each and every wear. Each jacket was made up of different panels, which meant that they could be easily adjusted and tailored to suit individual body shapes.

Over time, the bouclé jacket came to be largely associated with wealthier older women but this is no longer the case and the look is making a huge comeback right now, driven by stylish younger women on a quest for classic yet contemporary looks for their wardrobe that will always ensure they stand out from the crowd.


How to wear a boucle jacket

One of the best design aspects of the bouclé is that you can style it in a wide variety of ways - so it’s a truly versatile garment that you’ll get a huge amount of wear out of. Check out Jenna Coleman showing us all how to really glam it up in a bouclé and some gorgeous Chanel trousers!

But the piece also looks amazing with knee-length wrap skirts, skinny jeans, full skirts, dresses… the only limit is your imagination. Because it can be dressed up and down, you’ll find yourself out and about in your bouclé more often than not, this we promise you!

Want one of your own?

The bouclé is, of course, one of the most requested garments for the team here at Distinctively Me and we use fabric from an amazing company in Cumbria called Linton Tweeds.

All the wool and cotton in their fabrics come from 100 per cent certified sustainable sources and they try to use recycled yarns as much as they can, as well, so if you’re concerned about the origins of your clothing, you know your bases are covered.

If you’d like to really spoil yourself with some women’s tailored clothing and think the bouclé is the one for you, get in touch with us today and we’ll get the measuring tape out!

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