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The Leather Skirt: Perfect For Transitioning Into Autumn

Waving goodbye to summer is always a rather sombre occasion, but there’s always a silver lining to be found somewhere and, although we may miss the balmy temperatures, the long days and the short nights, there’s certainly something rather magical about autumn… especially where our wardrobes are concerned!

Currently, it seems as though we’re being blessed with an Indian summer this year, so it might not quite be time to pack the shorts and dresses away just yet - but, of course, the weather is sure to change over the next few weeks, so it’s certainly best to be prepared.

And to this end, there’s nothing better for transitioning between summer and autumn than with a stunning leather skirt - a wardrobe stalwart that resurfaces at this time of year over and over again… so you know you’re onto a winner, whether you go for a mini, midi or a maxi (weather dependent, of course!).

Get the look

Black is always a brilliant go-to option when it comes to leather and if you’re new to the look, you might want to play it safe and invest in a few key pieces in this classic colour. The monochrome aesthetic will never go out of fashion, after all!

But if you’re keen to try something a little different, there are some stunning autumnal shades you could try, such as forest green, wild berry, mulberry, a deep blue… there are so many options, you could have a whole raft of skirts to fall back on when the weather turns.

In terms of cut, an A-line midi skirt with a utility belt is always a stylish option, although if you prefer something with a little more length, what about investing in a pencil skirt and pairing it with a plain T-shirt and some chunky boots for the perfect autumn look.

And don’t be afraid to go hell for leather and pair your skirt with a leather blazer or jacket. You might not think it would work but we assure you it will - and you’ll be strutting your stuff before you know it.

Caring for your leather skirt

Good-quality leather should last you for years and years, as long as you look after it properly - and the good news is that there isn’t much you need to do in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

Ensure you store your leather garments in a dark, dry place, as sunlight will cause it to fade. And don’t use any plastic bags or covers, as the material needs to breathe. You might find your favourite skirt becomes a little mildewy over time, if you’re not careful! And always make sure that you use padded hangers, so that the shape of your clothes isn’t affected.

As for the material itself, use a soft brush to clean grain leather as and when it needs it. Try not to get water on your skirt but, if you do, simply dry it as quickly as you can, blotting it with a cloth or paper towel.

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