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The making of the perfect trouser

In the last couple of weeks we have been selecting the lucky ladies who are going to get a pair of our made to measure trousers for free!!

It has been really interesting hearing the kinds of problems they face when buying of the peg.

Here's what some of our ladies have said.............

"I am 5"1 and have pretty short legs so every pair of trousers I've ever bought even petite range are too long. I'm also broad hipped but I have a comparatively narrow waist so if they fit round my thighs I'll have inches gaping at the waists.  I try on endless pairs and avoid many high street shops as I just know from experience I'll leave empty handed." 

"After I lost weight 3 years ago I care about things fitting properly. I wanted a pair of black trousers for work but all cuts even in the expensive stores were skinny legged which is fine for casual but not corporate so still do not own any."

"Hi, as the epitome of a betwixt & between size coupled with not petite not " regular " leg length I never relish seeking out the perfect pair of trousers. In fact off the peg I'm sure they don't exist!" 

"I've been on a lifelong quest for the perfect trousers.  Whether I was a size six or twelve, trousers are my nemesis.  I found one pair from J Crew two years ago, but those have been discontinued and my quest has been reduced to an endless cycle of buying, crying and returning trousers.  I've resorted to leggings, which is utterly depressing.  I don't always want to wear a dress or a skirt and would love flared trousers, but all alterations on them reduce the flare on my five foot two frame and make me look ridiculous.  I saw your post two days after I've just returned yet another pair of trousers in defeat.  (Why are they all front fastening?) Is it true?  Can there be a pair of trousers that doesn't reduce me to a fabric straining frump?"

It sounds all too familiar doesn't it!!

Last week we held the measuring session for the ladies in our Hampstead studio.

Here I am showing the ladies our trousers so they can choose their favourite style.

Once they decided, they tried on our samples and John (our lovely tailor), made the necessary adjustments so that they would get the perfect fit.

Here is an image we have of that...

You didn't really think we'd show our ladies being fitted, did you?!!

You will just have to wait and see the ladies wearing the perfectly fitting trousers in a future blog.

But let me tell you a bit more about the lovely John.

Here he is doing what he does best.........

Our tailor John measuring up during the fitting session for the ladies in our Hampstead studio.

...........creating an environment where our customers feel totally relaxed and at ease being measured for their clothes.

John's background in bespoke tailoring, working for the likes of Roland Mouret and Thierry Mugler, gives him the eye for quality and his experience as an alteration tailor enables him to get that perfect fit. He is just like the perfect cocktail - although very rarely shaken or stirred!

It's back to work now making those lovely ladies their perfectly fitting trousers.

We will let you know what the ladies think of their new trousers in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great Easter.


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