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What should I wear for the return to work?

We've all become accustomed to the unofficial pandemic dress code. Leggings or PJs on the bottom, with a smart shirt on top, giving the impression of calm and structure to your Zoom calls. In reality, many of us have been aimlessly wandering around in slippers and slouchy nightwear. At home, comfort is the highest priority, and after months of homeworking, it may seem hard to adapt back to the more formal style of office wear. Unlike on Zoom, we'll need more than just our top halves looking presentable!

As life slowly returns to normal, after more than a year of uncertainty and craziness, the reserved and formal workplace setting might feel like a big change.

Business Insider reported a survey of over 16,000 retailers, who saw demand for loungewear increase by 433%, as those stuck in lockdown rushed to buy soft and slouchy pieces. As a nation, we have loafed around in leggings and loungewear, and we now need to transform ourselves again, ready to travel, socialise and perhaps even eat-out once more.

Fashion industry experts from management consultants McKinsey predict that clothing which is "comfortable, falls well, feels good and is well made" has become more important to people, and this is something that will continue post-pandemic. They expect huge shifts towards athleisure and sustainability, with nearly 90% of business executives feeling the new working model will be a hybrid of working at home and working at the office. They foresee a demand for clothing combining glamour with a "degree of comfort", and it can be a challenge to find pieces that cater to both.
Whilst this might feel difficult, signature pieces that lend confidence and class are the perfect tool to ease the shift from home to office.

So which pieces deliver style, fit and comfort, whatever your body shape?

Wide leg or flared trousers create a flattering silhouette, providing an effortless level of ease. They offer freedom of movement and are flowy and relaxed - a timeless style. As we begin to commute again, and maybe even increase our walking, wide leg trousers keep us comfortable, whatever the season. A most versatile shape of trousers, they adapt to any occasion, and can be styled to create the perfect outfit. Depending on your work environment you could dress them down with a crisp t-shirt and trainers, or dress up for the day with a silk blouse. For the evening, pair with a cami and a smart pair of heels or ballet pumps.

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There is nothing more classic than a blazer to elevate a look. Easily included in any outfit, it will flatter and add style wherever you go. A made to measure blazer is the ultimate investment in you, with the quality and durability ensuring it lasts for years to come - all in a colour, material and style that best suits you. Adding a jacket instantly lifts any outfit, whether it's over a simple jeans tee combo, or layered on top of a floaty summer dress for those cooler offices. For the ultimate statement look that exudes confidence and class, combine a brightly coloured blazer with a matching pair of trousers to form the ultimate trouser suit.

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A fit and flare dress brings simple elegance to a look - perfect for a day back in the workplace, however hectic. Simply put it on, accessorise freely and pair with some fresh trainers or smart heels- whatever suits your lifestyle. This style of dress is the ideal investment for hybrid working; the fitted and structured top looks great for days of Zoom calls at home, and the flared skirt gives ease and freedom of movement when you need to navigate the new office one-way system.

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Made-to-measure ensures that these versatile and key wardrobe items will last for years to come and also simplifies the search for the ‘perfect' jacket, or the ‘perfect' dress. The material and colour of your unique piece is designed for your personal lifestyle, however chaotic or calm. The item you envision is the item you take home, as each sizing and stylistic decision is tailored to you.

Not only do you achieve the same level of cosiness as your favourite pair of slouchy pyjamas, these pieces deliver effortless sophistication. The flattering fit ensures that not only do you return to the world feeling comfy, you arrive with a renewed level of confidence.

Now more than ever, the philosophy of ‘buy less, buy better' is especially relevant. During lockdown, we were forced to confront the fact that a large proportion of our clothing was sitting in closets, gathering dust. After the lockdown impulse-buying frenzy, many of us have decided to detox, get rid of unused items and edit down our wardrobes. With the fashion industry being the second largest polluter in the world, we aspire to reduce our reliance on fast fashion fixes that may become unused after a few months. Investing in made-to-measure ensures ethically made pieces that never go out of style and last for decades.

So let us know if you agree that the key pieces to transition us from lounging at home to seeing people in society include a tailored jacket, wide leg trousers and a fit and flare dress. These versatile wardrobe staples deliver both comfort and style. Your made-to-measure design gives peace of mind that you look prepared for anything to come your way- and after a year of the absolute opposite, is that not what we all deserve?

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