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Can I wear wide leg trousers?

The wide leg trouser is the perfect transition piece to take us from lockdown loungewear to smart yet comfortable trousers as we re-start our lives outside of our homes.  But who can wear them?  The answer is everyone can, so long as they are exquisitely cut and the perfect fit.

How to find wide leg trousers in the perfect fit

Fit is key to any tailored trouser, and even though the wide leg pant is the loosest fit of tailored trousers, you don't want to look like your trousers are wearing you (a badly fitting pair can look a little like clown trousers!).  This style needs to fit perfectly on your waist and hips, and then flow from there to a point just off the floor. This will give the relaxed yet tailored look that seems just perfect for our lives out of lockdown.

Lots of wide leg or palazzo pants come with an elasticated waist, but you have to admit that a perfectly fitting waistband, with a discreet zip, is far more elegant and will be just as comfortable if it sits on your natural waist and is just the right size.

Wide leg trousers should drape beautifully and choosing the right fabric for your lifestyle will achieve different looks: viscose or linen for a daytime, casual look; superfine wool for a stylish workday look; and silk for the perfect day to night transitional look.

Looking for the perfect pair of wide leg trousers?  Get in touch so that we can go through our made to measure process with you.

The wide leg trouser - A post pandemic style staple

As we ease out of lockdown, we need clothes our clothes to feel comfortable and stylish.  The wide leg style is perfect for right now because it gives both a casual relaxed look, but, can be dressed up, too.  But the trend for the wide leg trouser has been around much longer than lockdown.

The first wide leg trouser was inspired by Harem pants and introduced by French designer, Paul Poiret in 1913. They became a fashion staple between 1920-1950. We all think of Audrey Hepburn in culottes but look how fabulous Katherine Hepburn looks in a wide leg trouser!

(Image: via Pinterest)

Book a free consultation so that we can show you how wide leg trousers will work for you

We definitely think the wide leg trouser will feature heavily in every women's wardrobe as our lives change and for some time to come we will want trousers that will work equally well at home, in the office and socially.

What's great about the wide leg trouser is that it's a look that can carry us from home to office, from dress up to dress down. Whether it’s elevating a jumper or silk shirt or wearing with a breton or tee-shirt, they’re a stunning style statement for everyone.  Once you've found that perfect flattering fit they'll be your go to piece time and again.

The Distinctively Me Wide Leg Trouser

We understand that there is not one style of wide leg trouser that will suit every one, and that is why we offer choice. The waistband is designed to sit perfectly at your natural waist, but if you prefer low rise we can do that too. You can chose between a front or side zip, a flat or pleated front, and a natural or cuff hem. Your combination for your perfect pair.

Another key element to the perfect wide leg trouser is the quality of the fabric which will give the perfect drape. Because our trousers are made to measure you can choose your fabric and right now we're loving them in a viscose mix - perfect as we transition out of loungewear. For a smarter look you can't go wrong with a superfine wool and if you're thinking seasonal style, silk is perfect for the Spring/Summer, and velvet hits the right Autumn/Winter note..

Where should wide leg trousers fall?

Our clients ask the same question; how long should my wide leg trousers be?  The answer is, it's up to you!  Personally, we love to see them just grazing the floor.  Victoria Beckham loves to wear hers long.  But a great look for summer might be a culotte or an ankle grazer with a ballet flat or pump.   So wearable!

I'm apple-shape, will a wide leg trouser suit me?

Yes, of course they will. Once you get the perfect fit, they'll look amazing.

The key thing is to get the trousers to sit snugly on your waist and then gently flare from the waistband. Made to measure will allow for this.  What tends to happen with off the peg trousers is that to get the trouser to fit your waist, they tend to put too much fabric into the the hips and leg - which are your smaller parts - so the trousers become voluminous rather than flattering. That's when they can appear a little clown-like which we're sure isn't the look you're going for!

I am tall and wide leg trouser are too short for me?

Exquisitely-cut wide leg trousers look great when made to fit so length isn't a problem when the trousers are made just for you.

On taller women, quite often the length of off the peg trousers will be in between full length and 7/8 and getting them lengthened is a challenge even for the best alteration tailor.

Our made to measure wide leg trousers are made to fit individual proportions so that the shape looks great on every body shape and size. Such a versatile trouser which will take us into our lives after lockdown.

Head over to Pinterest to check out our boards - there's a lot of wide leg trouser inspiration.  And we're on Instagram and Facebook too.



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