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Welcome to my first blog - I must admit it's a bit daunting as I've never written a blog before, but here goes...........

We launched in December last year, which is a strange time to launch a made to measure business in hindsight - who on earth wants a tape measure anywhere near them when they've been stuffing themselves with mince pies and festive cheer!!! I certainly wouldn't. We need to make more of our gift certificates next Christmas as I think it would be a great present for the lovely ladies in your lives.

We have been busy making up our samples so that we have a fantastic array to show at fitting sessions. I must admit one of my greatest joys is choosing beautiful materials, which not only look good but also feel lovely to wear.

As I've got older I've realized that fit, style and comfort are far more important than fashion to me now. I have been a fashion victim in the past wearing things that really didn't make the best of my figure, but I thought I looked fabulous. I'll have to dig out some photos and remind myself just how bad my choices have been!!!

Having said that I'm not ready to be frumpy and floral!!! That's what it feels like when you shop for a less fashion-oriented wardrobe.

I was reading an article from The Telegraph [1], which confirms that it's not just me that feels this way. There were a few quotes that really resonated.

'Women are tired of being told to shrink and conform or "normalise" themselves once they hit 40" - Julia Baird

"What that means is that women who are style-conscious, intelligent, and have money to spend want good quality clothes to suit a busy lifestyle: just ask Michelle Obama. Experience and a loyal group of online followers tell me that my contemporaries want beautiful items that work hard, boost confidence and can be worn everyday." Alyson Walsh.


"What they don't want is fast fashion or fickle trends. Nor to be told 'this is what you wear when you're 40, 50, 60, whatever'; the boundaries between the generations are blurred, it's all about ageless style now." Alyson Walsh.

I also think there is a problem if you are not a skinny minny - as I like to call the catwalk model look. Very few of us are tall, skinny, with no curves. We are all different and most retailers don't cater that for. Most of friends say to me that I can't have a problem finding clothes that fit because I look "normal". That's not the case though - my hip to waist ratio is not the "norm", my legs are shorter than the "norm", my arms are shorter than the "norm", my legs are quite muscular rather than straight........ I shan't go on, but you get my drift.

It has been a complete revelation to me having clothes made to fit. I'd never done that before, and I have realized that there is no reason to feel any less comfortable than I do in leggings walking my dog, whilst still looking stylish and elegant.

I hope you have enjoyed my first ever blog - let me know what you think.

Till the next time, when I hope to have met some of you at your fitting sessions.


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